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071-1216-27 - KFS-564 Control Unit

071-1216-27 - KFS-564 Control Unit

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  • Digital control for use with KNR-634 and KNR-634A NAV receivers
  • 7-segment gas discharge readouts display
  • Cool-burning readouts for greater reliability
  • ACTIVE and STANDBY frequency displays
  • Models available with ON/OFF/VOLUME selections (see table below)
  • Models available with black or gray face plates (see table below)
  • Models available with 5 or 28 volt lighting (see table below)
  • Photocell adjusts brightness of display
  • Similar to KFS-564A but DOES NOT include 9 preset channel memory, configuration capability for additional channel mode and/or tandem cockpit applications, frequency management capability when used with KNS-660 system, display dimmer override, civil or military operating modes


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