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Stormscope WX-10A Processor and Display

Stormscope WX-10A Processor and Display

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 P/N'S: 75-8047-0985-1 & 75-8047-0984-4

The WX-10A Stormscope is a very common Stormscope solution, and offers some updates over the WX-10 system. (Some people prefer the less expensive WX-10, however.)

The WX-10A System consists of a display, remote processor, and an antenna. This Stormscope offers thunderstorm information on a bright green CRT display. The more the dots on the display are clustered together, the stronger the storm activity. Up to 256 dots may be displayed. The WX-10A also has a Forward mode to concentrate the display and processing power on the airspace ahead of you.

The WX-10A Stormscope features:

  • Choice of display ranges: 25, 50, 100, and 200 nm
  • Stores lightning data in all ranges simultaneously, making it easy and useful to toggle between them
  • 360° view of surrounding airspace or 180° view of forward airspace
  • Clear function to help determine storm intensity and movement
  • Test function to verify proper operation
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